Choir Yearbook

The choir yearbook is a keepsake that chronicles all of the events from the current choir year, as well as paying tribute to our graduates. However, it is only as thorough as the photos that we have collected… So if you have any photos from events this year, send them to Sophia Norton, our Choir Historian.

Senior Pages


It’s almost that time, Seniors… We need you to provide some information for the annual Westwood Choir Yearbook. See the image above for an example of a prior year senior page.

This year, we are asking you to add the following items in a special Google Classroom. Here is the process:

  • Add yourself to the WW Choirs Yearbook Google Classroom – enter code 7885cls
  • Senior Pictures – Deadline 4/22/18
    • Please add a nice picture that you would like displayed in the choir yearbook to the folder linked below. Deadline 4/6/18.
  • Senior Essay – Deadline – 4/22/18
    • Submit a short (150-200 word) essay. You may select a prompt from below or come up with something completely on your own. Deadline 4/22/18.
      1. Why did you decide to start singing in choir, what have you liked best about being a part of Westwood choir, and what are your plans after graduation?
      2. What are your favorite memories from each year you have been in the Westwood choir, what will you miss most about Westwood choir, and what are your plans after graduation?
      3. What impact has singing in the Westwood choir had on you, what would you say to people who are considering joining choir, and what are your plans after graduation?

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