What Do I Wear?


We hardly ever talk about the dress for parents, but this event is special… Since our theme is centered around the Grammy Awards event, we want you to be a part of the show experience. When you walk in the PAC on Thursday, we will have photographers ready to snap a quick picture of you and your guests on the Cabaret red carpet.

In the spirit of an awards show – dress the part!

Of course, dress for an Austin awards show, where the formal is a little less formal, but feel free to show up in your date night best!


Bring your wardrobe elements to the Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, February 7th.

Combined Pieces

  • Uptown Funk – Bright Colors (blue, red, green, purple, orange). Look at Finnese Music video for color scheme ideas
  • Singing/Umbrella – Black, dark grey, and dark blue
  • Hey Jude – Choir shirt and jeans

2nd Period

  • Chandelier – Red and Black
  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Either all white or white tops with jeans

3rd Period

  • Royals – crisp white shirt with black bottoms

5th Period

  • Rumor Has It – Black (dresses preferred)

7th Period

  • Viva la Vida – White tops and jeans

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