If you want to be on the float…

Bring your own bag of candy individually wrapped! (We will be throwing this at kids so it needs to be wrapped :))

Canned food donation – Bring 2 cans (due Oct. 11 in choir room)

Come to choir room immediately after school on Oct 12th! (Please be dressed or bring the right clothing with you)

What to Wear:


  • jeans
  • red/maroon tshirts
  • blazer – we will use the choir tux coats for this piece


  • clothes in shades of navy blue, white, black
  • yellow scarf (provided- choir room)


  • Be in the choir ready to go immediately after school – 4:30
  • Line up to get on the float – 5:00
  • Floats line up outside at – 5:15
  • Floats will begin leaving – 6:00
  • Floats must be off the street – 7:15
  • Following the parade will be the pep rally – 7:30