Fall Concert

Please join us at 7:30 PM on September 24, 2019 at Hope Presbyterian Church for our Fall Concert.


Hope Presbyterian Church
11512 Olson Dr
Austin, TX 78750

Student Instructions

  • Call time is 5:30 pm for all choirs.
  • Officers please meet as soon as possible – take your photos, then check attendance.
    • Students when you pick up your folder, officers will sign you in.
    • Chamber Choir will meet on stage first.
    • All other students should sit in the front 4 rows WITH YOUR CHOIR.
    • Students should arrive ready for a combined rehearsal, we will start with Baba Yetu.
  • Uniform for this event is FORMAL attire
    • All students have been issued a formal uniform
    • Students in dresses – hair is pulled back and out of the face
    • Students in tuxes – no white or short socks, following the guidelines we have talked about in class
  • Photos:
    • Reminder for Seniors (2020 Graduates) – Jenny Rhea Photography will be in the foyer of Hope Presbyterian Church to take the senior photos before the Fall Concert. 
    • Group Photos will be taken of EACH group.
    • Additionally, EVERY STUDENT will have an individual photo taken.
      • Once your choir has rehearsed, you will walk off the risers directly to form a line for Jenny to take your photo.
      • Once your individual photo has been taken, move directly to your spot and sit with your choir.
    • Jenny will offer prints and digital photos for purchase.


Program from 2018 Concert [link]