Voice Lessons

Students have an opportunity to take voice lessons in class with our voice facultyClick here for more information about lessons in Round Rock ISD.

Prior to enrolling in private lessons in class, you must turn in a completed application form, with parent/guardian signatures.

Voice Faculty will be on campus Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20 to schedule students. Students with completed forms will be prioritized. 


  • Priority scheduling is given to returning voice students.
  • Students involved in the musical theatre program are also encouraged to take advantage of voice lessons, but are not eligible for scholarships.

Available Merit-Based Lesson Scholarships

For 2019, the Westwood Choir Boosters will coordinate a total of nine awards in the amount of $500, funded through the generosity of Westwood Choir alum, Savan Kotecha. All students are encouraged to apply for these awards, which will be applied from the Boosters directly to the voice teachers. Students could conceivably use these funds to extend their lesson times to an hour per week.

An application for these scholarships will be made available as soon as possible. 

Need-Based Partial Lesson Scholarships

Students who wish to pursue voice lessons, but might require funding are encouraged to fill out their application form above, and list their scholarship request in the comments area.

The booster club will only fund up to $10 per lesson. The remaining balance of the lesson cost is the responsibility of the student and parent. A finite amount of scholarship funding is available. Students who do not fulfill their obligation of payment will have their scholarships removed, and students on the waiting list will be considered.

  • First Steps:
  • Review:
    • Directors review the scholarship requests. Once the scholarship is confirmed, the instructor will coordinate with the student
    • Instructor Contract – completed after Student/Parent Contract is returned, student is scheduled
  • Payments
    • Students pay the lesson teacher directly for their portion of the lessons. Lesson teachers submit an invoice to the parents.
    • Lesson teachers complete the WCB Lesson Invoice, deadline is last lesson day of the calendar month
    • Invoices are reviewed, then sent electronically to the Booster Treasurer, removing all student identification, and checks are disbursed to lesson staff.