Tri-M Applications

Any junior or senior students interested in the Tri-M Music Honor Society should take advantage of an extended deadline to apply for membership.

Following is an email from the Westwood HS Tri-M Leadership Team:

Hello Mr. Clark,

If you could forward this email to the juniors and seniors in choir that would be great.

Hello Juniors and Seniors,

We are opening Tri-M applications for any Juniors and Seniors with an interest in music. Tri-M is a Music Honor Society that encourages and organizes performances outside of school. It is a very valuable club which will strengthen your musical skills. We are planning many events this year and encouraging you to share your musical talent with the public.

There was an application due for Tri-M last year, however, since there have been some changes we are opening a new application for all potential members. If you were a member of Tri-M last year you DO NOT need to fill out a new application, this should consist of only seniors. However, if you did not apply to Tri-M or submitted an application last year we would like you to reapply for the honor society (you can be a junior or a senior to apply). This means if you filled out an application in May of last semester (May 2017) you will have to reapply with this form.

The application form for this year is online. It is not very long and we encourage you all to apply. The link to the google form is below. Please answer the questions thoughtfully.

The application will close at midnight on September 23rd 2017. After that deadline we will not accept any more applications and we will plan an induction ceremony for our new members.

If you have friends that are interested in Tri-M please have them email us at If you have any questions feel free to find Hamsi, Daniel or Alex or send an email and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Tri-M Officers

Hamsi Nathan
Daniel Shin
Alex Chao

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