Pre-Area Hosting

Information will be placed in this location to facilitate the hosting process.
What our TMEA colleagues said about our event last year:

On behalf of the myself and members of the TMEA Region 26 Vocal Division, thank you to all of the student and parent volunteers who contributed their time, talent, and expertise to ensure an outstanding hosting experience. Our Westwood Choir students were afforded the opportunity to audition at their alma mater, free of the challenges faced when driving across town.

  • You will not convince me that a more organized, committed, and dedicated Booster Executive Board exists. My heart is full and overflowing when reflecting on your efforts for our students and staff.
  • Parents – the judges (and our own staff) were BLOWN AWAY by the Hospitality Room. Thank you for your thoughtful recipes, and for braving the challenging end of day car pickup lines to deliver a fantastic meal to our directors and judges.
  • To our Concession Team – thank you for feeding the multitudes, including those from other campuses and our student workers.
  • Student Workers!!! Our student workers were amazing – setup, teardown, high fives to our auditioning students – you truly demonstrated class and a diligent work ethic. We are so proud of you!
  • Parents of student workers, thanks for allowing us to put your children to work last evening – they were thoughtful, organized, and were always willing to help as needed.
  • To our students who auditioned: We are proud of you. No one but you knows the amount of time and commitment that you dedicated to preparing the literature and developing your vocal instrument. Thank you for your time and talent. Our program is stronger because of your hard work and dedication.
  • For the parents who had students auditioning last night, thank you for encouraging and supporting them along through the process. We share the challenges, we share the joy – but we are most thankful for sharing time with your amazing children.

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