Audition Entry

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List of what you will need to complete this audition form:

Section 1

  • Student Name
  • Upload your video audition

Section 2

  • Song Name
  • Names of all performers
    • Create a new line for each performer. Note any backup dancers. Also – note any additional performers and their instrument.
  • Artist Name
    • If the song was nominated for an award, use that year. If the song was inducted into the Hall of Fame, use the year the song was added to the list.
  • Performed at What Music Festival?

Section 3

  • Written introduction to the song for the time line
    • See the interactive timeline for an example. Write a 2-3 sentence narrative blurb that describes the artist, the song title, and why it is an important piece of musical history.
  • Video Link:
    • Paste a link to a YouTube, Vimeo, or other representative video of song. If an image is all that is available, post a link.
  • Link to a setlist for this song/artist/show
    • Paste a link to an article, artist page, or other reputable online resource that acknowledges the song on the setlist the artist played at this show(s). Your strongest research tool? http://SETLIST.FM

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  • Once you have entered all of your information, a confirmation email will be sent immediately.
  • Check your student email address for the confirmation – instructions for scheduling your audition are located in this email.