HS Pre-Area Audition (All Sections)
Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Westwood High School

Auditioning Students Itinerary

4:30 pm – Meet in the choir room
5:00 pm – Registration
6:00 pm – Auditions begin

What time is the audition over? It is nearly impossible to be accurate. It depends on too many factors, including how many students are in the section that the student competes in, whether there is an issue in the audition room,  or the contest does not get started on time… so – here is the process.

The Process

  • Students are assigned a badge number (see registration below)
  • Students sing in order in their room, 1, 2, 3… until the last person in that room has sung.
  • Students who do not have a ride can ride the bus home.
  • What is different about this audition?
    • At this round, students audition on the prepared literature as well as sight-reading.
    • Since this round involves sight-reading, students are not permitted to leave the audition (or retrieve phones) until the completion of the audition for all voice parts. This is designed to ensure maximum test security with regard to the sight-reading prompt.
    • Results are announced at this round – those who will compete for a spot in the All-State Choir.

What Should Students Bring and NOT Bring

  • Original copies of the audition literature (no photo copies allowed) and a pencil.
  • Money for snacks and drinks.
  • Students MAY NOT bring any other electronic device into the audition venue.
  • If students bring a cell phone, they MUST give it to a chaperone to hold until they leave the contest site.
  • If students must use a cell phone after they audition they may do so ONLY in the presence of an adult and ONLY to call for a ride home.
  • Students MAY be disqualified if they are caught using it NOT in the presence of an adult.


  • Registration runs from 5:00 – 5:45 pm.
  • Upon arrival, All sections will register at their respective tables.
  • Students will sign in, receive a badge which they MUST wear at all times, and a copy of the cuts.
  • Immediately after registering, they should proceed to the cafeteria where they are to remain until further instructed.
  • No PM singers are permitted at this round.

What Happens After Registration

  • Round One – Singing
    • Once students register they MAY NOT practice the cuts.
    • They may study the cuts but not SING the cuts.
    • A director will warm the students up.
    • The cuts will be run twice with everyone after warm-up.
    • Our goal is to have kids auditioning 15 minutes after registration closes.
  • Round Two – Sight-Reading
    • Following the procedure utilized at the Area audition, students are taken to a holding room in complete sections.
    • Students are read the instructions about the sight-reading prompt, and are given a group practice of the procedure.
    • Using the Round 2 badge number, each student sings the sight-reading in the judging room in order.
    • When completed with the reading, students are directed back to the large holding room.
    • Once all students have completed sight-reading, the Vocal Chair instructs students that they can use their phones again.
    • Once all score tabulation has completed, and following the director results review period, results are announced.