HS District Audition (Treble Sections)
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Key Points

  • Only Sopranos and Altos will be auditioning at this round.
  • The top 25 students per zone will advance to the Saturday round
  • Please wear your new choir shirt!
  • A link to the results will be posted here


  • McNeil will have a concession stand available, serving:
    • Chicken sandwiches
    • Light snacks
    • Candy
    • Water
  • Westwood Choir Boosters are bringing:
    • Water
    • Chips


  • 3:30 – Mr. Clark travels to McNeil (Region Chair)
  • 4:30 – Meet in the Choir Room with Mrs. Alexander
    • Mrs. A will take roll
    • Students who have turned in forms will drive to McNeil
    • Double check all original copies
    • Take care of each other!!!
    • Take the Medical Bag – has the Medical Forms
  • 5:00 – Bus arrives at Westwood, load, travel to McNeil
  • 5:20 – Bus arrives at McNeil HS
    • Hand your phones over as you depart bus
  • 5:45 – Registration closes
  • 6:00 – Auditions begin
  • 9:00 – Last auditions should be done
    • As soon as you have auditioned, you can make a phone call to a parent for pickup. You cannot call prior… Cell phone use is in the presence of a Westwood HS Choir Chaperone ONLY.


  • The front of school is closed off.  There is absolutely no parking or doors to enter.
  • Arriving on the campus before 4:50 will be IMPOSSIBLE!  There will be no parking and no place for buses to go.  Just don’t even attempt it.
  • All student drivers MUST park in the back of the school. Bus parking will be at the PAC parking lot next door.
  • Parents driving students MUST drop off and pick up in the back of the school.
  • Buses should drop off in the bus loop next to the cafeteria on the PAC side of the campus. They should park at the PAC.
  • Students arriving by bus will walk directly into the cafeteria from the bus loop.
  • Students arriving by car will enter through the A-Wing doors behind Portable 1 and walk directly into the cafeteria
  • Students will be held in the cafeteria.  There is a set of restrooms just outside the cafeteria and in the cafeteria as well for easy access.

What time is the audition over?

It is nearly impossible to be accurate. It depends on too many factors, including how many students are in the section that the student competes in, whether there is an issue in the audition room (cd player breaks, etc.),  or the contest does not get started on time… so – here is the process.

The Process

  • Students are assigned a badge number (see registration below)
  • Students sing in order in their room, 1, 2, 3… until the last person in that room has sung.
  • Students who do not have a ride can ride the bus home.
  • Want to pick your student up before the end of the day?
    • If you want to pick a student up after their audition, please print and send a copy of this note with them on the morning of the audition. [link – note]
    • Once your student has sung, they may use their phone (in front of our chaperones) to call or txt for a parent to pick them up.
    • Parents can then drive to the audition site. Park, then come into the holding area to sign your student out – we want to ensure they are being picked up.

What Should Students Bring and NOT Bring

  • Original copies of the audition literature (no photo copies allowed) and a pencil.
  • Money for snacks and drinks.
  • Students MAY NOT bring any other electronic device into the audition venue.
  • If students bring a cell phone, they MUST give it to a chaperone to hold until they leave the contest site.
  • If students must use a cell phone after they audition they may do so ONLY in the presence of an adult and ONLY to call for a ride home.
  • Students MAY be disqualified if they are caught using it NOT in the presence of an adult.


  • Registration runs from 5:00-5:45 pm. Registration will be held ins.
  • Upon arrival, sections that are zoned (S1, S2, A1, and A2) should check the zone posters along the exterior walkway walls (between the parking lot and courtyard) to see which zone they to register in.
  • Sections that are not zoned (T1, T2, B1, and B2) will not audition at the first room.
  • Students will sign in, receive a badge which they MUST wear at all times, and a copy indicating the cuts.
  • Immediately after registering, they should proceed to the cafeteria where they are to remain until they leave the audition site after they audition.
  • PM singers have until 7:00 pm to show up.
    • They should report to the front of the stage in the cafeteria to register and receive their badges.
    • They will then be taken to their audition room as quickly as we can get them there.

What Happens After Registration

  • Once students register they MAY NOT practice the cuts.
  • They may study the cuts but not SING the cuts.
  • A director will warm the students up.
  • The cuts will be run twice with everyone after warm-up. Our goal is to have kids auditioning 15 minutes after registration closes.