Homecoming Float

Officers are in the process of detailing their plan for the Tuesday event.


For FloatFest: Taking place at 9925 Brightling Lane (Parthavi’s house) on 10/10 from 9:30 am to 6:30

  • everyone bring $7 for pizza for DINNER, bring your own lunch or make arrangements to get some lunch
  • Everyone coming to decorate also needs to bring 2 canned goods.
  • Sodas- 2 packs rootbeer 2 packs coke?
  • Ice cream- large tub (2)
  • Waters- 3 packs
  • Pizza- 4-5 boxes? Idk man it depends on how many come
  • Poster & Playlist
  • The requirement to be on the float is that you provide your own bag of candy to throw the day of the parade.

The Vision:

  • Pitch perfect
  • Bellas on one side
  • Treble makers on other side
    • Treble makers in left over choir blazers, jeans, and red t-shirts. The bellas in navy blue, white, or black with the yellow scarves that booster said they’ll provide YAY
  • Commentators sitting in bed of truck

Things We Need:

  • Trailer thing
  • Pvc pipes for partition
  • Black curtain
  • Microphones, possibly the fake ones from party city  (2?) do we not need real ones for the soloists? Bc as a choir we might not be heard. We’re probably going to end up playing the soundtrack and singing along to it because we just don’t have the time or resources
  • Paint
  • Cardboard
  • 2 to 3 box cutters
  • Glitter
  • Butcher paper/poster paper for the “bellas” and “treble makers” poster on the sides