Booster Club

Westwood Choir Booster Club Meet & Greet

Please join us at our first meeting on Tuesday, September 4th, at 7:30pm.  Come meet your booster board, get to know fellow choir parents, and learn about how you can get involved.  We’ll have light refreshments available.

2018-2019 Booster Club – Getting Started

Joining the Westwood Choir Booster Club is easy!  Here’s what to do:

Wondering what the booster club does all year?  Check out Booster Activities – Year at a Glance for an overview.


Questions?  To reach all the officers of the Booster board, send email to


Vice President



Money Matters

Please send invoices and reimbursement requests to:

S’Mores Bars

A choir favorite:  S’Mores Bars Recipe