2020-2021 Evaluation Information

We are thrilled that you want to be a part of the Westwood HS Choir Department.  We have many ensembles designed to fit the needs of all students interested in singing. Evaluations are designed not to exclude students, but to place them in the appropriate developmental ensemble so that we can best encourage your continued musical development. Evaluations are not required but are highly encouraged for all singers. 

You may enter the choir program by simply enrolling as all students interested in singing are allowed in the Westwood Choirs with or without an evaluation; however, any student without an evaluation will be placed in our Tier 4 Choirs.

[Link to an explanation of Westwood HS Choir Tiers – 2020-2021]


The evaluation process is three steps that will all be conducted digitally and submitted through a google form:

  • The Vocal Range Assessment – you will sing scales up and down to determine your range.
  • The Musical Artistry Assessment – you will sing “My Country tis of Thee”
  • Sight Reading Assessment – you will sing an 8 measure sight reading example.

Evaluation Instructions


Required Steps to Audition

  1. Read all instructions before beginning the process
  2. Record your Vocal Range Assessment
  3. Record your Musical Artistry Assessment
  4. Record your Sight-Reading Assessment
  5. Complete the Evaluation FormYou will be prompted to upload your:
    1. Vocal Range Assessment (video),
    2. Musical Artistry Assessment (video),
    3. Sight Reading Assessment (video), and
    4. A photo of yourself

Vocal Range Assessment

Record a video of yourself singing a solfege scale starting on G, descending and ascending.

[Example recording of the Vocal Range Assessment]
[Use this audio file for your starting pitch

  • The camera should be placed as close to eye level as possible so that it isn’t facing you at an angle
  • Stand with your best singing posture in the video
  • Stand far enough away that you are visible from the waist up for the recording
  • Before singing the exercises, say in a clear, projected voice:
    • “My name is __________________,
    • I am currently in _______ grade, and
    • I am currently in __________________.” State your current ensemble:
      • Chamber,
      • Varsity Women,
      • Chorale,
      • Concert Men,
      • Concert Women,
      • not in choir,
      • eighth grade
  • With the audio file you downloaded above, which gives you your starting pitch of G (let’s call this Do), sing down the scale to your lowest note (Do Ti La So Fa Mi, etc…). You may sing on solfege or a neutral vowel of your choice. 
  • Then again with the audio file on the website, which gives you your starting pitch of G (let’s call this Do), sing up the scale to your highest note (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La, etc). You may sing solfege of a neutral vowel of your choice. ***Gentlemen, it is ok and advisable to switch into head voice to demonstrate your vocal abilities in your upper range.***

Musical Artistry Assessment

Using the files you download below, record a video of yourself singing My Country tis of Thee.

A PDF of the music score is provided here – [Music Score].

Ms. Harwell recorded two versions as examples and practice tracks.

Now you need the background track so you can record. There is a high key and a low key. Choose which is most appropriate for your voice.

The track will play through the song twice:

  • First time: listen, this will be sung by Mr. McCaffity (RRHS Choir Director), then
  • Sing by yourself the second time through.

Sight Reading Assessment

[Video Instructions for Sight Reading Assessment]
[WHS 2020 Sight-Reading Prompt][Sight Reading Background Track]

The exercise is equivalent to a Level 4 SR example (according to the WHS Level UP curriculum). Please use the provided prompt to record your video. 

  • You will record your practice time (please practice out loud) and evaluation. 
  • The track will play through the tonic triad (do-mi-sol-mi-do-sol-do) and then start a 30 second timer. 
  • At the conclusion of 30 seconds you will be asked to stop and the tonic triad will play again. 
  • You will then sing the line.
  • Save your video for upload later.